SK Sky whats going on...

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SK Sky whats going on...

Post  Doncado on Wed Jun 03, 2009 12:53 pm

So anyway....

we have 3-4 kirin pop sets as well as several lesser Gods pop sets, we still have old members that want/need gear as well as some newer members who havent had a chance to experience what sky is all about.

so what i need to know is are we gonna continue sky or no... I know I wouldnt mind a pair of wyrmal legs for my red mage and paladin. and I know wooche who has only gotten a few items for all her time in sky wants w. legs for her red mage as well. but alas kirin can not be trio'd or we would have done it already.

if we are not gonna continue, we need to see about selling off the treasury items and spliting the currency with the top point getters for the shell or however ari has it set up for distribution. to be honest I would hate to see us stop doing it, but I am also getting very worried that we are stuck in a farming mode that never leads to a god fight and this is unacceptable. I know we can gather up the troops and get this puppy moving again. come on guys. we aint so busy we cant spend 1 night a week together kicking ass and taking names.

well thats all I have for now. lets get this ship righted and moving in a good direction.


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Re: SK Sky whats going on...

Post  Aricant on Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:42 pm

I agree with you, and have posted similar comments before.
We're currently sitting on a rather large supply of pop items, but haven't been able to muster enough peeps for those fights. There just doesn't seem to be enough interest in SK to get a good turnout for Gods. Either people have what they want from Sky and are done with it, or are unwilling to come just to help or for the fun of it. It's pretty discouraging.

We either need to find a way to increase attendance, or need to close up shop.
One intermediate possibility might be to take the pop items and treasury and hire some mercenaries to see if we can get some drops that SK'ers have worked so hard for.

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I Still want sky

Post  jrwild on Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:56 am

I personally want sky to continue. Sky is not a fast pace enviroment its has no time limits and all the pops with drops are easly planned events. I get about 3 night a week to play this game. Right now its reserved for limbus. But when that ends i was hoping to start up sky agian.

I dont have time to join a hlnm ls, and i dont want to. SK is my home.

I was hoping to see us expand outside sky but not stop sky.

I say just put sky on hold, dont get rid of the stuff. i have always thought sunday should be the big day and wednesday should be farming. i was hoping sundays would be every other week sky (boss fight) and the other half be planned events like ks 99 and such.

Now i do think that since SK does not do any sponsered events(ie dynamis or enjar) all money drops should be sold and every1 in attendace should be give there percent(that should make attendace perk up) right now i think we have 10 mil in the bank and no way to use it. just handing it out based on points is not what i was up in sky to have happen.

just my 2 cents. BTW i like the way the leadership has been and only praise the current and past leaders they all work hard, so this is not a slam.

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Re: SK Sky whats going on...

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