WTF 160 invantory while out in the field!?!

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WTF 160 invantory while out in the field!?!

Post  zal on Tue Mar 31, 2009 4:54 am

gobbie sack will double your gobbie bag amount. if you have 50 then it'll be 50. if you upgrade to 80 then total you can now have 160 invantory space total while in the field!!

the big catch is that to get it you have to buy a security code thing. 9.99 isn't big too much. but this is the beginning of SE selling something you "must have" for real money. whats the difference in a gil buyer paying 10 bucks for the gil to buy the 75 body he wants from AH and him paying SE to get the new body from the crystal proficey storyline? they are both RMT!!

stew on that a min.

and yes, i have already bought my crystaline proficey story, and if i have to pay 10bucks for 80 more invantory space then i plan to do that too.


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Re: WTF 160 invantory while out in the field!?!

Post  Aricant on Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:40 am

+80 Inventory??

This is news to me. Where/how do I get it?
$10? Hell, I'd pay $100 for that in a heartbeat.

BTW, one difference between SE selling an item and RMT selling gil is that those RMT have all their chacters running around screwing up the game for the rest of us. SE charges for the game, time playing it, and for expansions. I have no problem with them selling items. (I'm one of those that spent $40 on a CD, just to get a harpsicord furnishing for my MH)

I found the info here
I wasn't paying any attention to the security token, since it seemed like unnecessary hastle for an xbox player. It still seems like unnecessary hastle, but worth it for the mog satchel. April 7th should be a very good day.

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Post  Tigerelf on Wed Apr 01, 2009 8:31 am

Do keep in mind not only are you paying for the item but It is required for the PlayOnline ID to be linked to the Square Enix Account that has a security token associated. thus giving them your account or at least access to it....perhaps they are trying to crack down on windowers? or monitor players easier? not sure....but it works by changing your password like every 30 seconds....but you must give your existing ID and Password to Square Enix and link it least that is how I read this....but 80 more inventory /drool indeed

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Re: WTF 160 invantory while out in the field!?!

Post  choasbringer on Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:46 am

main difference between SE and RMT, well SE can delete your account if you don't pay. In a way SE has the added bonus of being able to make your farming more or less profitable while they're at it (think drop rates and npc values of fished up items or leech drops). Frankly the prices in this game make obtaining some of the more high end items either luck based (bcnm drop rate) or taking way to long to raise money selling imp. gold coins from IS.

As far as RMT taking accounts, I'll agree it happens, but they could have just as likely gone after financial info and done more damage then a character that SE will eventually return to you. But those aren't RMT. Those tactics are used by hackers (hackers may be rmt but not necessarly are, like you can be a banker and a crook, but one does not immediatly mean the other). If you play with real life friends who hasn't at some point exchanged ingame services for Real life goods or services (ex. I'll PL your dunes party if you make me a sammich).

Remember that this is a game and not a competion, just because you farmed for 2 days to get that 2 million and someone else decided to skip the farming (since farming is exchanging time for gil) and shell out some dollars for the gil (in this case money for gil) either way its how you decide to reach a goal. Its not like you can use gil to get yourself a CoP ring, or god drops (or any R/X items/areas). In a way this is different from RMT in that SE has decided to offer an item (storage is an item in a vague way) only buyable by money.

The funny part is we are already exchanging money for time on SE server to farm to get gil, so its a moot point. In the end the 80 inventory is a 'convience' fee you won't kill any faster with more inventory spaces, just means you have to mule less(be thankful its not some uber gear). Toon in next week for for discussion of 'RMT= outsourcing?'

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Re: WTF 160 invantory while out in the field!?!

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