A Crystalline Prophecy - The Breakdown

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A Crystalline Prophecy - The Breakdown

Post  Silvinia on Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:45 am

I sat down yesterday (Easter) and decided I was going to attempt to get it done in one day if possible. And the result... I was done with it within 7 hours, where most of the time was spent between the second and third missions farming key items. Quite literally a full breakdown of the missions is as follows:

1: CS Lower Jeuno

2: Go to Jugner Forest and kill orcs until you get Seedspall Item. Go to Pashhow Marshlands and kill quadavs until you get Seedspall Item. Go to Meriphitaud Mountains and kill yagudos until you get Seedspall Item.

3: Go to Qufim Island, North Shore west of pugil alley camp, and trade the three Seedspall Items to the ? ? ? for a CS.

4: Go to Batallia Downs and kill tigers and gobs for a Key Item, after it's received go to NW corner (Beaucedine accessed area, or using mandy flower spot from past) and pop a Gob WAR NM. Go to Rolanberry Fields and kill gobs for a Key Item, after it's received go to Simurgh camp (Crawler's Nest accessed area) and pop a Gob THF NM. Go to Sauromugue Champaigne and kill gobs for a Key Item, after it's received go to Roc camp (accessed via Gate 3 of Garlaige Citadel or by Cavernous Maw from past) and pop a Gob RNG NM. All 3 NM's will give you each a Seedspall Key item. They are all soloable by ANY 75 job.

5: Go to Qufim Island to the same spot as above, check the ? ? ? for a CS, then check it again for a battlefield. You have 30 min to kill 30 Seed Mandragora's. They have approximately 300hp each, 2 handed weapons one shot them. BLM's with tier 1 ga's clear the waves easily. This is soloable by any 75. Check ? ? ? again for CS after.

6: Go to Fei'Yin for a CS upon entry. Collect all 9 seed fragments in the zone, 4 are upstairs in the large rooms, 4 are downstairs spread across each quadrant (NE NW SE SW), 1 is by the shadow NM's. You have 30 minutes upon touching the first fragment to collect all 9. Receive key item Mark of Seed to continue.

7: Go to Qu'Bia Arena for a BCNM, 4 Mobs, immune to sleep, highly resistant to lullaby. 1 Orc, 1 Yagudo, 1 Quadav, 1 Goblin - Fairly easy fight, a well balanced party of 75's kills it just fine. Kill order: Yagudo > Quadav > Orc > Goblin. A PLD can handle aggro tanking all four mobs with proper support.

8: Go to the Hall of the Gods for a CS, you MUST zone in from Ro'Maeve to receive it.

9: Go to Lower Delkfutt's Tower for a CS, and begin the tower climb. The tower climb is a 30 cap status that you must make it from floor 1 all the way to the top to the Stellar Fulcrum while collecting seed fragments on the way up. You are permitted to die, you will not lose exp. Upon zoning from Lower to Middle and Middle to Upper, your level cap status is removed and needs reapplied at the crystal object by the teleporter. Upon reaching the Stellar Fulcrum with all 12 fragments, you will examing the crystal object in there to receive Omnistone used for the final BC. The tower climb is not timed. You cannot receive the key items of each floors fragment without being in the level cap status. You can leave and come back without any penalty, you will still have all the fragments you last left off with.

10: Stellar Fulcrum BCNM. This is the final fight. I will not spoil it for you, just know it can be as intense as Alexander and can definitely take as long. I won mine in 24:46 in a 30:00 time limit. We had no issues with keeping people alive or MP at any point. Melee are almost useless unless you use MNK/DRK's with WHM's curing them. So the suggestion I would make, all ranged damage. My fight was done as PLD/RDM, RDM/DRK, SAM/RNG, SMN/WHM, BLM/SCH, and WHM/SCH.

11: Upon completion, go to the Lower Jeuno Tenshodo and examine the coffer to receive prizes for the keys you received, as well as your ultimate reward the choice of the 3 newly introduced augmentable bodies. ALL KEYS CAN BE REOBTAINED 1X PER REAL LIFE DAY AS WELL AS BODIES CAN BE DROPPED AND SWAPPED WITH RECOMPLETION OF THE FINAL FIGHT.

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