SNMs LaVaule (S)

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SNMs LaVaule (S)

Post  fluster on Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:30 am

Last night we took down our first 3 SNMs. We attempted a 4th but just couldn't quite pull it off.

First off, this event is not limited to those who do Sky. It is open to all SK. It is not a points event. NM drops are free lot. SCNM drops will be discussed prior to entering the BCNM. I would love to see more of SK join us. It was fun doing something new, and yes we had some death but that was to be expected. Overall we had a very good night, and are almost halfway there to having a full pop set for the SCNM. Please see the other post for those in attendance. It is a great opportunity to do something as a linkshell and build teamwork, while gearing members up.

In the future I think it is is best to meet at the fortification and then head down to the beastmen strongholds. It will be easy to access the warp npcs in case we need people to change jobs.

A few things I did observe last night: These NMs are drastically different than what we have fought before and will require a different party set up. BSTs and SMNs did extremely well here. We will also need a traditional tank, and a few mages for some of these SNMs.

In my opinion, a full alliance of people should clear any of the SNMs. If we have 8-10 people we will look at specific job set ups and target only certain SNMs.

Next time we will also try setting up North of the camp where we attempted Feeblescheme Bhlobig, but were overwhelmed by repops. A little more killing power and he should go down as well.

I chose LaVaule (S) as the initial stronghold because it is the easiest to see SNMs on widesacan and navigate through the map. Once we have a full pop set here we will head out to Beaudeaux (S). Please list individual items you are after. If noone is interested in SCNM drops from Castle O it is pointless to farm a full pop set. For the time being I am willing to farm any of the three strongholds, I think any opportunity to work as a team strengthens us as a linkshell. Please list the drops you are interested in the Requested SCNM drop thread.

Check out the links in the previous message, and do a little research on the mobs, as this is brand new to everyone. Again I welcome all of SK to join us. What's a little death if you are indeed a Suicide King?

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