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just my thoughts

Post  jrwild on Thu Nov 06, 2008 7:17 am

I personally have not made that many sky runs lately because i have the gear i want form sky and am leveling a new job to be able to lot new gear from sky

But i think selling the seals from the lower gods like bayoke is a great idea. put a point value on them and let the member have a goal. Now I do think that the ls should hold like 2 full pop sets but if we are getting lots of bayako seals because the emphasis is on farming despot and dorites to get hydiate (i think those are how you pop bayoke not sure) I say just make it a possible reward.

maybe what i would like to ask is of the people that are sketchey on attendance what would it take to get you to go? Like last night we had 2 blm and a rdm with several dd. We were getting to chain 5. Not to bad all things considered.

Now I will say this if I am playing on a Sunday and I see that its a god night for sky, I will go to sky just to get the fun of killing the gods. Maybe this is just me.

This post is by no means a slam by any means to any1 i really enjoy sky with SK and have no intrest in changing it, the leader are giving us a stress free place to party up with other SK member and have the chance to fight some high level NM while doing it. I personally see Sky getting much stronger over the next few months. Also thank you leaders for keeping sky going and making a place I am welcomed to show up and play along side other people that have made the game a enjoyable 2 year plus experience.

BTW I have posted this in the wrong spot. It was to go underpost by ARI sorry

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